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Dr. Linda Scaramella Bosack, Au.D.


Dr. Linda Scaramella Bosack has been practicing audiology since 1977. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Linda is an alumnus of Mother McAuley High School and Loyola University. She continued her Masters studies at Bradley University and completed her doctorate through a combined program at Vanderbuilt and Central Michigan Universities.

Linda practices the full scope of audiology with emphasis on diagnostic testing and fitting hearing aids to all levels of need.

Linda is the daughter of Dr. Louis Scaramella (late), the eminent otologist in this community for many decades. She is married to Bob (an oral and maxillofacial surgeon) and is the proud mother of 2 and grandmother to 6 beautiful grandchildren.

Linda looks forward to meeting with you and discussing possibilities to improve your hearing.

Century Audiology is owned and originated by Dr. Linda Bosack, Audiologist. She and her team have been providing healthcare since 1977.

The Audiology team works jointly with the ear physicians to evaluate and treat adults and children with hearing and balance disorders. Hearing loss that cannot be remediated with medicine or surgery are referred to Audiology for amplification and rehabilitation. The Audiologists provide an array of services:

  • Comprehensive hearing testing
  • Assessment of balance disorders
  • Fitting and dispensing of cutting-edge hearing aid technology and rehabilitation
  • LYRIC (invisible hearing aids)
  • Programming of BAHA (bone anchored hearing aids)
  • Tinnitus (ringing and head noise) remediation via hearing aid technology
  • Assistive listening devices (ALDs)
  • Musician ear protection and noise protection

Hearing loss, being invisible and consequently often misunderstood, can lead to much frustration for the individual and the people they encounter.

Today’s hearing aid technology is highly sophisticated compared to just a few years ago. Our patients have the opportunity to try high-end, technologically advanced hearing aids at much discounted prices on a trial basis.

The team of Audiologists hold Masters and Doctorate degrees in Audiology/hearing science from highly recognized institutions.

  • Linda Bosack, Au.D.
  • Mary Lou Dovantzis, M.S.
  • Roger Tharp, Au.D.
  • April Cafmeyer, Au.D.
  • Janice Leverenz, M.S.

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